Quantum Brain Healing Uses Oral Chelators and Far Infrared Sauna to Improve Auditory Hallucinations

Far infrared sauna to improve auditory hallucinationsWhen conventional medicines and therapies fail to cure a pro-longed disease, people often turn to alternative sources of healing. Quantum brain healing is one of such alternative sources of treatments used for different purposes ranging from the curing of diseases to the delay of the onset of aging. It is, however, not recommended to bypass your doctor’s prescribed medicines and treatment sessions. Quantum brain healing can be used in addition to your own-going therapy sessions with your physician.

Issues related to auditory hallucinations can be cured through quantum brain healing. It is a unique kind of therapy which involves the use of energy for the purpose of treating an ailment. It is commonly used in different parts of Asia, including China and India. The Chinese refer to this type of alternative medicine as chi while India’s Ayurvedic healing has similar effects and is known as prana.

For the treatment of auditory hallucinations, different techniques are applied. Firstly, a process of detoxification is carried out. It helps the body get rid of all harmful substance which can give rise to several diseases or other health-related issues. These issues can be the underlying causes behind auditory hallucinations. Therefore, it is important to deal with these problems through the process of detoxification.

Far infrared saunas are used for performing the process of detoxification. A far infrared sauna is a room filled with heat generated through infrared radiations. These radiations cannot be seen by the human eye, but their heat can be felt on the skin. This heat raises your body temperature which leads to the production of sweat. This is the body’s natural way of regulating a constant body temperature. Through this sweat, several toxins escape from the body. Therefore, regular sessions at the far infrared sauna can help you detoxify your body which is the first step towards treating auditory hallucinations.

Secondly, chelators are used in this treatment procedure. Chelators are substances which bind to metals present in the body. An excess of metals, such as iron and sodium, in the body can lead to several health issues. In order to get rid of them, orally administered chelators can be given. However, this process is risky and should be conducted under strict supervision of your doctor.

The process of quantum brain healing for getting rid of auditory hallucinations can be effective. However, you need to take precautions. Seek the help of an expert and do keep your doctor involved in order to avoid any damages to your health. 

Quantum Brain Healing Uses Oral Chelators and Far Infrared Sauna to Improve Auditory Hallucinations

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