Office Fit-Out - Ultimate Way to Utilize Unused Space

Office fit out ultimate way to utilize unused spaceThe process by which a building space is renovated or furnished to make it livable by human beings is called fit out of a building. In most cases, it is utilized for interior development in an office space. In this scenario, the basic construction of the building is done by the builder or developer while the fit out is carried out by the occupant himself. The occupant is mostly the tenant who has rented or leased the place from the landlord. Depending on the requirements of the occupant about the interior design, planning and the level of construction completion, fit out can be of various types including the following:

  • Shell or Core Fit out:

This type of fit out will compromise various features like the base plant, structure, external workings, completed common areas and cladding. It will have the main reception already fit out by the landlord, including staircases, toilets, elevators, loading areas, car parking and other common spaces.

  • Category A fit out:

In this type, the tenant space is also completed by the developer or landlord. The main features include raised floors and ceilings, a network of electric and mechanical stuff, finished interior surfaces, window blinds and covers.

  • Category B Fit out:

In category B fit out, the majority of all the interior requirements of a tenant are completed by the developer or landlord. These features may include furniture installation, fit out kitchen space, installation of ICT equipment, lighting, multimedia and audio video machinery, fit out reception as well as the final finishing of all space interiors.

  • Turn key Developments:

These are the fit out projects which are completed by the developer and handed over to the occupant once they are ready for utilization.

An office fit out can be carried out for various reasons, including upsizing or downsizing of employees, a means to utilize the unused space as well as the reorganization of furniture and equipment to create new space. It provides the occupants and employees of an office with a newer, cleaner and refreshing look. It is the best way to enhance the utilization of existing unused office space. While you decide and plan for an office fit out, first assess your needs and requirements and how the place may be modified to meet those requirements. Make sure that the fit out design you choose is long lasting and does not require a change every few months.

Office Fit-Out - Ultimate Way to Utilize Unused Space

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