Mulch Or Not, A Lawn Mowing Question

Mulch or not a lawn mowing questionGardening is a fun activity but requires regularity. Lawn mowing activities needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to keep your garden neat. With lawn mowing comes mulch which can either be removed as you mow or left there. Should you clean away this mulch or not? This question can best be answered once you understand what exactly mulch is and what benefits does it offer.

Mulch is a term which is widely used for any material laid in the form a layer of covering over soil. The benefits of this layer are listed below.

  • It helps the soil retain moisture.
  • It keeps the temperature of the soil cool.
  • Mulch suppresses the growth of weeds.
  • Garden beds look more attractive with an even layer of mulch spread over the soil.

After going through these advantages of mulch, its importance has been revealed. Therefore, every gardener should know that using mulch is a must for well-maintained lawns where vegetation thrives.

There are different types of mulch materials. Organic mulch is the most common type as it is easily available and also costs low. However, since organic material decomposes, you would have to lay down a new layer of mulch on a regular basis. What is the easiest way of finding mulch for regular replacements of previous layers? It is your very own grass clippings. Whenever you mow your lawn, the residues or the trimmed pieces of grass can serve as the cheapest source of organic mulch. In fact, you would get this mulch without having to pay anything.

There are lawnmowers which are specifically designed for this purpose. They are called mulching lawnmowers. As you mow, these machines leave the grass clippings behind which automatically form a layer on the soil. Apart from all the benefits of mulch mentioned above, grass clippings also enhance the fertility of the soil since their decomposition releases nutrients to make the soil rich.

On the other hand, some lawnmowers come with attached bags for collecting grass clippings as you mow. The bags can be emptied later on and you can use the clipping as mulch. The main advantage of having a bag full of grass clippings is that you can use the clippings for specific areas, for instance, the remote regions of your lawn where your mower is unable to reach. You can spread these grass clippings on such areas.

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