Inspection of Roof Windows

Inspection of roof windowsInstallation of roof windows, skylights or roof lights has become very popular nowadays. A roof window is generally an opening in the upper portion of the roof of a building that allows light and air to pass through. It is considered to be a very cost effective and efficient method of lighting up dark areas of a house by using natural light. Because it is dependent on natural source of light it is a free medium of energy. Although many times used as a synonym with each other, there are small features or characteristics of each roof window, sky light and roof light which makes them different. A sky light is mostly static or fixed. It does not have the capability of being opened or shut. A roof window on the other hand possesses this characteristic and hence provides added advantage. In pleasant breezy weather, the roof window can be opened up so that fresh air can circulate inside the building. Unlike tubular skylights that channelize light towards specific dark targets, roof lights provide light in a broader manner. Velux is a popular brand of roof windows and its related accessories. It has been around for more than five decades. That’s why it is sometimes used as a generic name of roof windows as Velux roof windows.

Although they are testing for damage and quality check before being sold out, regular inspection of roof windows is necessary. Being an object that wears out over time it should be checked for any damages, leaks or cracks. Many unpleasant incidents can be prevented through this inspection. By detecting the problem before hand you can reduce the loss of money and effort.

A roof window can be installed in an existing building or added as a design features in new ones. Before its installation it is important to carry out a structural survey to check if the roof of the building is strong enough to sustain this installation. In very old or worn out building roofs are shaky and may not be able to bear this weight. The result will be breakage or falling of the window.

Any leaks or cracks detected during the inspection should be rectified with immediate effect otherwise the chances of water seeping into the rooms or building are very high. It case of thunder storm with strong winds, breakage of glass can cause larger damage to the property.

Inspection of roof windows

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