Top 3 Classic car museums

Top 3 Classic Car Museums

Top 3 classic car museumsCar fanatics value classic cars highly. These vehicles are elegant and never fail to attract passers-by. In addition, the fact that classic cars are rare makes raises their value even more. It can be a good business to buy classic cars and sell them at a higher price when their value increases. However, not all car enthusiasts are wealthy enough to afford their own fleet of classic cars. Most of them visit classic car shows or famous classic car museums to find what they love.

There are several classic car museums in Australia. The top 3 of these museums are listed below.

  • Ford Discovery Centre
  • National Motor Museum
  • National Military Vehicle Museum

Although the Ford Discovery Center has now been closed since 2012, it has been one of the best classic car museums in Australia. It was situated in Geelong Victoria where it attracted locals as well tourists from different parts of the world. The museum was dedicated to the Ford Motor Company and functioned to preserve its heritage. The exhibited classic cars were indeed worth paying a visit to the museum. About twenty-thousand folks used to visit the Ford Discover Center every year. It consisted of two floors for the display of different models of classic Ford vehicles. In addition, visitors could also enjoy a theater and indulge in games and activities related to cars.

The National Motor Museum is situated in Birdwood in the South of Australia. It was opened back in 1960s. A large number of car fanatics have been paying a visit since then. With more than three hundred vehicles displayed, National Motor Museum is popular as Australia’s largest classic car museum.

Another popular classic car museum in Australia is the National Military Vehicle Museum. It is located in Edinburg in Southern Australia. The building of the museum itself looks historic as it consists of a group of buildings from the era of the World War two. The Military Vehicle Preservation Society runs the museum. Most of the vehicles on display in the museum are owned by the members of this Society. Another interesting fact about these vehicles is that they are in working condition. These classic cars are often used for special events, such as Australia’s ANZAC day march or Christmas Pageants.

These top classic car museums of Australia are definitely worth paying a visit to. Car lover or not, you will be delighted to visit these museums and check out the displayed classic car heritage.