Tips for the Best Flower Arrangements

Tips for the Best Flower Arrangements

Tips for the best flower arrangementsThe interior of any home can be decorated with fresh flower arrangements. This is an inexpensive way of adding color and natural beauty to the décor of any building. In addition, flowers create elegance and may even fill the surroundings with their fragrance if fragrant varieties are used in floral arrangements.

Have a look at the following interesting tips for creating the best flower arrangements.

Use Water Filled Bowls

Fill up an entire bowl with water and add freshly picked flowers to it. This will not only look beautiful, but will also keep your arrangement fresh for long. Use a crystal bowl as its transparent appearance will make the arrangement look even more beautiful.

Cut Stem Edges

This is a very commonly used technique for keeping floral arrangements fresh. Before putting your flowers in a vase full of water, cut an inch at the edge of their stems. This technique makes the stems absorb more water. Therefore, the flowers remain fresh for a number of days. Diagonal cuts are recommended for better results.

Use Warm Water

The temperature of the water in your vases matters when using closed flowers, such as roses. The warm temperature of water helps the flowers open fully. They can remain fresh for a couple of days.

Foam for Extended Freshness

Ever wondered how professional florists create arrangements which remain fresh much longer than the ones created by you at home? The simple secret behind this is foam. Foam soaked in water is used to hold the flowers in place. It imparts freshness to them for a long time. Soak your foam after every couple of days for extended freshness.

Re-cut Stems

Another way of making your floral arrangement long lasting is to re-cut stems every two days or so. This helps in the absorption of water which retains the freshness of your flowers. Therefore, trimming and re-trimming of the stems is important. In addition, also remove any dry leaves which would make your arrangement appear unsightly.

Pick the Right Color

By using the right combination of colors, you can create an extremely beautiful arrangement. Add a professional touch to your flower arrangement by using different varieties of flowers with similar colors. The difference of texture and type will create an interesting monochromatic look.

Use Fillers

The best flower arrangements always consist of fillers. These may be large leaves or shrubby plants. The appearance of green between colorful flowers looks amazing and gives your flower arrangement a desirable volume.