Save Your Automatic Transmission

Save Your Automatic Transmission

Save your automatic transmissionAutomatic transmission systems are more advanced than manual transmissions. However, they require more maintenance as they are vulnerable to damage if not taken care of properly. Automatic vehicles are expensive. Therefore, any damages and malfunctions can put a huge financial strain on you. In order to avoid this scenario, follow the tips given below to save your automatic transmission system.

Maintain the Fluid Level

First, the most important factor you need to take care of for saving your automatic transmission is the fluid level. This fluid serves several purposes for the proper functioning of the components of your automatic transmission. It cools, lubricates and maintains the proper functionality of the clutches. Therefore, check the level of this fluid regularly and maintain the required level. Use the dipstick for checking the fluid level. Take help from the owner’s manual in order to find out about the right use of the dipstick. Alternatively, you can let a professional mechanic perform this check for you.

Fix Problems Promptly

If you experience any problems with your car, do not neglect them. Small problems indicate a malfunctioning transmission system. If ignored, these problems can become more serious, making the repairs more difficult and more expensive. Therefore, take your car to the mechanic if you experience problems like sluggish gears or hear any knocking sounds.

Use Fluid Additives

Certain fluid additives are available which can enhance the life as well as the functionality of the automatic transmission system. However, not all types of available additives deliver what they promise. Seek the advice of an experienced mechanic in order to use the best fluid additive.

Regular Servicing

Another way you can save your automatic transmission is through regular servicing. Apart from the level of the transmission fluids, there are certain other characteristics of this fluid which need to be checked. For instance, an experienced mechanic can tell from the color of this fluid whether it needs to be changed or not. In any case, changing the fluid on yearly basis is recommended for improving the longevity of your automatic transmission.

Installing Auxiliary Coolers

One of the main reasons which damage automatic transmissions is overheating. Installing an auxiliary cooler will help prevent different components of the automatic transmission system from getting damaged. Particularly, vehicles which undergo rough use - such as towing and carrying load - should have auxiliary coolers installed as these vehicles tend to heat up fast.