Protecting and Prolonging the Life of Pavement

Protecting and Prolonging the Life of Pavement

Protecting and prolonging the life of pavementConcrete and asphalt pavements cost a lot when constructed. Therefore, it is necessary to undertake regular maintenance to protect and prolong the life of your pavement. Hire the best and reputable paving contractors and make sure the best materials are used. The following tips can help you fulfill this purpose.

Quality Assurance upon Construction

The best way of prolonging the life of your pavement is to ensure the quality of materials used at the time of construction. The money you spend at this stage will be worth it as it will prevent future expenditure required for constant repairs and reconstruction.

Carry out Regular maintenance

Carrying our regular maintenance is important since small damages are easier to repair as compared to bigger ones. Constant wear can lead to damages which get beyond repair. Instead, they require the pavements to be reconstructed which would cost a lot. Therefore, keep a regular check on the condition of your pavements and carry out timely repairs.

Apply Seal-coating

The seal-coating process applies a fresh layer of seal-coat material on the existing pavement. This gives the pavement a refreshed look and adds a protective layer to it. You can, therefore, prolong the life of your pavements through this process.

Control Load

Excessive load, such as the constant transport of heavy vehicles across the pavement, can cause your pavement to lose life and wear down quickly. Therefore, try to control this kind of load on your private property. Heavy vehicles, such as garbage trucks, should only be allowed if absolutely necessary. Taking this precautionary step would protect your pavement from early wear.

Maintain Drainage System

Performing regular maintenance of your drainage system is also very important. This is because water leakage can cause damage to your pavement. Therefore, check your drainage system regularly and repair promptly in case of damages. Do not let water stand on your pavement. You should install a proper drainage system to deal with rain water.

Fill up Cracks

Cracks develop in pavements over a period of time. If left unrepaired, these cracks can keep extending to surrounding areas, eventually damaging large areas of the entire pavement. Moreover, the cracks are also ideal locations for water to be accumulated. This water can in turn cause damage to your pavement. Therefore, fill up all cracks. The cost for carrying out this repair would be minute as compared to the expenditure for constructing the entire pavement all over again.