Looking After Polished Concrete Floors

Looking After Polished Concrete Floors

Looking after polished concrete floorsVarious types of floorings are popular these days including wood, vinyl and concrete. Amongst all, concrete is considered to be the best and most durable form of floor. It is always treated with a chemical densified and grinded and polished vigorously with various specialized tools. Later on stains and dyes are used to give it a presentable and attractive outlook.  Concrete is the most durable and sustainable form of building materials. Many large modern day building are built on concrete slabs. Because it utilizes the same elements as already present in the land, it is one of the most environmental friendly form of flooring.  It reduces the problems of having dust mites and Allery bacteria in the carpets and other flooring mats. It also eliminates the building up of molds. Polished concrete floors also enhance the lighting of the room and make it brighter and more energy efficient.  It is easily maintained and does not wear out or gets chipped easily. Looking after polished concrete floors is not a very hard task. Although not maintenance free it requires very little but regular effort. Some of the key methods of looking after it include the following:

Daily or regular maintenance:

Tasks that need to be fulfilled on regular basis in order to have a good polished floor include the following:

  • You must place floor mats and walk off mats especially on entry and exit locations. They should be replaced or cleaned on regular basis.
  • If something spills or falls on the floor, it should be swiped immediately to avoid staining of the area
  • Must mop the floor with a dry brush to wipe of dust and dirt
  • Cleaning with mild detergent or water can also provide a good shine on the floor and keeps it sparkling. Make sure the cleaning agents are non-reactive to the polish.

Mechanical Maintenance:

Apart from the regular cleaning and sweeping, polished floors require specific mechanical tools for good maintenance. These may include things like diamond impregnated pads that are made up of synthetic or natural fibers. They are further sprinkled with diamond powder, abrasive and some binder. Easily available they may be wet or dry depending on the Brand and make you choose.

Chemical maintenance:

Chemical cleaners and conditioners of various forms and brands are available in the market. They help extend the life of the polished concrete floor and add a long lasting luster to it.