How to Fix Automatic Transmission That Stays in Low Gear

How to Fix Automatic Transmission That Stays in Low Gear

How to Fix Automatic Transmission That Stays in Low GearThe automatic transmission of your vehicle is a complex system which requires regular maintenance and care.  Any problems in this system can negatively affect the performance of the vehicle. In addition, your safety would also be at risk if the automatic transmission system starts causing issues. There are a number of ways through which you can avoid or fix problems in this system. The following tips are helpful for folks who want to fix automatic transmission which stays in lower gear.

Change Transmission Fluid

When you begin experiencing problems with your automatic transmission system, it might be time to change the transmission fluid. Check for its color. In case it has turned from red to brownish, this is an indication of the fact that the fluid has been contaminated by impurities. These impurities prevent the transmission system from giving its optimum performance. Moreover, a decline in the level of this fluid can also create problems. Therefore, you should check the color as well as the level of the fluid and change it if required.

The transmission fluid should be changed regularly to avoid problems. Check it level and color frequently if you want your automatic transmission system to keep operating smoothly.

Change Transmission Filter

The transmission filter is found at the bottom of the transmission. In case you experience problems in the transmission system, you should check the filter and replace it to fix the issues. This filter performs an important job of trapping impurities which may be present in the transmission oil. When the filter gets saturated with these impurities and debris, it needs to be replaced. However, you should replace it with the right type of filter. Check the owner’s manual for guidance or seek the help of a car technician.

Stop before Reverse and Park

Before putting your car in the reverse gear or park gear, you should bring the vehicle to a complete halt. Not only this, you should also be careful before shifting from a low gear to high gear and vice versa. Proper and smooth transitions are required. Not taking care of this can result in damage to the gears.

Seek a Car Technician

In case you are experiencing problems despite trying to fix the problem through the above mentioned tips, you should seek the help of a technician for an overall examination. He would check the fluid, filters, electronic sensors, linkage rods, modulator and other components of the automatic transmission system to diagnose the problem. He would then fix any damages accordingly.