How To Choose Wedding Flowers

How To Choose Wedding Flowers

How To Choose Wedding FlowersFlowers add emotional impact in weddings, so that’s why they are part of every wedding. They can make your wedding memorable. Different flowers are arranged differently on weddings and it largely depends upon the personal flavor of the bride and groom. They are known for reflecting the personality and taste of the couple getting married. In today’s world, you just can’t imagine planning a marriage without involvement of flowers. There are various ways through which one can decide on the flowers to be used at his marriage

It all depends upon your personal taste and choice:

It is to be mentioned there is nothing like good wedding flowers and bad flowers. It largely depends upon your own choice which kind you like most. Same is the case with the colour of the flowers. There might be more than one colour available of the type you have chosen. For example, rose flowers are available in more than five colours and all look great in their right place. Instead of spending time in choosing the right flower, choose the right florist that can convert an ordinary looking flower into masterpiece.

Searching through bridal magazines and gardening books:

If you personally don’t know much about flowers, you can have some knowledge about them by reading through bridal magazines and gardening books. The gardening books can provide you with much piece of information about the colour and fragrance of different flowers. The bridal magazine can show you how different types can be arranged for weddings.

Don’t forget the colour:

Usually, you won’t go with any specific colour, but colours become important when it becomes to arranging flowers at a wedding. The pink, red and white are most used colours in weddings, as they can express certain feelings very well. There are some factors to be kept in mind while choosing the colour of the flower.  The first chief factor is about the theme of the wedding. Then, they must be according to the gown of the bride and the clothing scheme of the rest of the bridal party.

Prefer seasonal flowers:

While you can import exotic flower, it will be better if you prefer seasonal flowers available in your own state or city. They are usually best for those who are more concerned with their budget. The non-season flowers may also be difficult to handle. You can choose the following seasonal flowers:

  • Spring flowers: lily of the valley, sweet pea, amaryllis, anemone and daffodil
  • Summer flowers: carnation, lily, gypsophila, magnolia, rose and sunflower
  • Autumn flowers: aster, daisy, pinks, clematis and passion flower
  • Winter flowers: camellia, iris, pansy, snowdrop and tulip.