Great and Inexpensive Promotional Products

Great and Inexpensive Promotional Products

Great and inexpensive promotional productsGiving out promotional products as gifts is a common and successful marketing strategy. It helps you increase your number of clients. You gain the attention of more people through attractive promotional items. However, the most successful promotional strategies are the ones with the least amount of expenditure. You can give out free items to clients, but these gifts should not cost you much. Following is a list of great and inexpensive promotional products which can be used by you with the minimum investment expenditure.


Pens are one of the least expensive promotional items. They can be gifted to your clients with your own business logo on then. Apart their affordability, there is another advantage of using pens as promotional gifts. That is, they are used quite frequently by people, particularly in the corporate world. Their frequent use would keep your brand name in sight of your existing clients. In addition, when passed on from one person to another, pens would also help you gain potential customers who would be aware of your brand name and logo through this strategy.

Key Chains

Another quite inexpensive promotional product is key chains. You can put your brand name and business logo on key chains and give them as a free gift upon purchase of your product. Like pens, key chains are also going to keep your brand name in the mind of your customers owing to their frequent use to hold car keys, home keys or keys to the cupboard etc.


Mugs, being larger than both pens and key chains, are better at promoting your business and brand. They make more attractive gifts due to their increased utility and value as compared to the above mentioned items. Therefore, people will be more likely to buy your product attracted by the gift of a mug.


Another great promotional item is personalized T-shirts with your brand name on them. You are able to advertise your brand to the person who wears the T-shirt as well as to all the people near him who take a look at what he is wearing. T-shirts are inexpensive. You do not have to use a costly, high-quality fabric for the purpose of making promotional T-shirts for your business.

Writing Pads

This is another promotional item which people find useful. Therefore, they are willing to buy your product if it comes with this attractive gift. Its frequent use for writing is also going to keep your brand name in the sight of people.