Gearbox Problems With Your Automatic Car

Gearbox Problems With Your Automatic Car

Gearbox problems with your automatic carGearbox or transmission system may start producing some problems over time. So, it is important to be aware of all these common problems that usually rise when your vehicle gets a little bit older. Some of these problems are caused because of the negligence of the owner, while many others rise because of the wear and tear.

Refuses to Go into Gear:

It usually happens when you try to push vehicle in drive mode from halt. The main reasons include wrong viscosity of transmission fluid and low transmission fluid or problem. It may also happen because your shift cables are not synchronized with the transmission system.

Burning Smell:

It’s the time to change the fluid in the gearbox whenever you feel something is burning over there. It may also an indication of overheating. The transmission fluid keeps the parts in running position and doesn’t let them burn themselves due to overheating. So, if you smell a rotten smell, it is the right time to change the fluid, as it is no longer in position to protect the parts. In addition, the burning smell may also an indication of low transmission fluid.

Noise Transmission while in Neutral:

Sometimes, changing the fluid will fix this problem. It may be an indication of something serious going inside gearbox. Most possibly, it is because of worn bearings.

Gear Slipping:

No driver would wish to fall into this problem, as it can be extremely dangerous at times. Normally, a car stays in ordered gear and won’t shift unless ordered, but sometimes it happens to shift without any demand. This problem is called gear slipping. If it happens with your car, get it examined from an experienced mechanic quickly.

Leaking Fluid:

It is easier to fix in manual transmissions, but for an automatic transmission, you will have to take the vehicle to mechanic’s workshop where he will probably look for proposed reasons causing fluid to leak. Whenever you witness some fluid on your driveway, you can’t take it easily. This little thing can lead to major problems in the end.

Grinding or Shaking:

In auto transmissions, this problem can be fixed by proper adjustments. In some cases, you may need to undergo some repairs as well. The process of shifting gears should be smooth in an auto vehicle. If it does not happen, this is an indication your vehicle requires attention.

These are some problems that can create difficulties for your automatic car gearbox. Most of them can easily be fixed. You need to keep an eye on gearbox and must respond immediately if you notice anything fishy.