Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Gardening Tools and Their UsesGardening is a famous hobby that is practiced by thousands of people in the world every day. It can be differentiated into two broader categories including regular gardening and raised gardening. Regular gardening is the one done on surface level of the earth, while a raised gardening is usually done in small plots of different dimensions raised at a certain higher level from earth. The regular gardeners use a number of different types of gardening tools in order to support their hobby. Reading about their uses can help others understand gardening well.


They are available in almost every size from very small to very large. Some gardening scissors are so small that they can be fitted into pockets and used for different purposes like cutting deadhead flowers, harvesting small vegetables and snipping herbs.


They are small is size and can easily penetrate into the soil. They are usually used for removing weeds along with their roots. They have various names; the most famous one is dandelion digger.

A soil knife:

This little Chinese tool can be used for a number of different tasks like cutting through roots, slicing through grass, weeding, transplanting, removing bonsai plants from pots, dividing perennials and many other little things like that. They are amongst the most used gardening tools that are always present almost every professional gardener's tool box.

 Pruning shears:

They are used to prune woody perennials. They are small, stylish and lightweight. These are the best features for which they are famous. Another big reason of purchasing them is their blades that are extremely sharp. Because of these sharp blades, the tool is also called sheep toe trimmer.

Water hoses:

They may not be included in the list of regular gardening tools, but you still refer them to as a gardening tool as gardening is simply an impossible task without them. They are necessary for every small or big garden. They are used for watering the plants. Most of the garden hoses come with a shut-off valve that allows the gardener to shut-off water supply at any time.

A Shovel:

They are used for digging small or big holes in hard clay soil. They have long, narrow curved blades. There are some other tasks as well that can be taken from these little tools. They are also considered best for scooping debris and spreading mulch.


Just like shovels, there are a number of different rakes; all used for doing different tasks different than the others. There are fan rakes, hard rakes and shrub rakes. The hard rakes are used for smoothing and blending the soil with the rest of the bed. Shrub rakes are best for tight spaces where other rakes like big fan rakes can't reach easily.  


These tools were not built or invented in a single day. The gardening is an old activity that has been around for past hundreds of years. Most of these tools were actually invented by our ancestors who wanted to make their work easy. The latest technologies have made this activity even useful and smaller. There are also a number of benefits of this activity from health point of view.