Finding the Market for Screen Printing Caps

Finding the Market for Screen Printing Caps

Finding the market for screen printing capsOne of the earliest methods of printing on surfaces is screen printing. It makes use of a stencil which has been applied on a mesh or a screen shich is stretched across the surface to be printed. Colored ink or any other medium of coloring is pressed and passed through the screen to transfer a design or pattern on the surface. The openings in the form of pores and lines on the stencil are the elements which determine the actual picture or image on the surface.

Screen printing is used for various purposes and on different surfaces. Anything which can be stretched out onto a frame and can withstand the coloring effect of the printing can be used a printing surface. Some examples of screen printed objects include CD covers, posters, flyers, advertisements on vehicles and billboards. Screen printing can also be carried out on textiles and fabrics like cotton, silk and polyester. One of the best and most widely used applications of screen printing is on readymade garments. T shirts are on top of the list here. 

Screen printed caps and hats are also a very lucrative business. According to various surveys and studies, caps are the most sought after commodity in clothing after t-shirts. Because of such a large demand in the market, screen printed caps present a very good opportunity to enhance the sales and profitability of such companies. 

Various styles and shapes of caps are available which vary in prices and cost. These may include trucker caps, old foam front styles, panel caps and many more. Corporate buying of caps is also one attractive option. Many companies persuade their employees to wear caps to work. The reasons might be safety, hygiene or any other. Some have made it a part of their office or corporate uniform like UPS or FedEx. Therefore, the corporate segment of the cap market is a very good opportunity to grow the sales and make profits in bulk.

There is also a very diverse division of segments which are interested in buying caps. These may vary from individuals of all age groups, sexes and ethnicities. Some buy it as a fashion statement while others want to fulfill a particular need or requirement. In either case, screen printed caps offer a great marketing opportunity to both entrepreneurs and business ventures.  All one needs to do is identify and target the right market for the success of the business.