Classic European Cars of the 1950s

Classic European Cars of the 1950s

Classic European Cars of the 1950sThe 1950s era was perhaps the best era for classic cars when the manufacturers produced some best classic cars. The memories of these cars are still fresh in minds of many owners who can happily recall their memories with them. The European manufacturers were particularly excited as they had a large American market before them where they could easily sell their vehicles. The countries like Germany, France and Italy were especially famous for their cars at that time.

Automobile industry helped them lot reducing their debts. American market was the biggest hope for them. The people in this country could afford almost every car but they had no perfect car manufacturer on their land. Ford did manufacture some great cars, but this company was unable to compete against rivals like Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

It was during this era when Mercedes Benz produced the greatest car of their lifetime—the 300S. After two years, this car had an updated version with name 300SC that came with independent rear suspension feature.  They kept on making additions in the model until they produced a luxury model in the end of the decade equipped with disc brakes and air suspension.

Volkswagen was the second manufacturer to help country get out of the damages of war. They played their part in restoring the economy by producing Volkswagen Beetle. It was an economic car that almost every middle-class family in America could afford. The results were as expected. They sold over million models in 1955 making Beetle the top seller in the United States.  

Looking at the earnings of other manufacturers, French were not ready to stay behind who went on to produce Citroen 2CV. This car got immensely popular within the country and continent, but it could not impress as much customers in Unites States. However, it is still considered one of the best cars produced and introduced by French in America. It got failed because of the high taxes and some bad reviews. As a result, it could not be a great success in both United Kingdom and United States. It, however, did introduce and make its name in the American market and French media also considered it a huge success for them.

 Italian Lancia manufacturer was also famous for producing classic cars during that time. They produced Aurelia that got famous in motor sport. It was first launched at Turin motor show where it grabbed the attention of many people.