Checklist for your Mobile Web Design

Checklist for your Mobile Web Design

Checklist for your mobile web designSince the number of tablets and smartphone users has increased all around the globe, more and more people now browse the internet through these portable gadgets. Therefore, websites design and development need to be responsive in order to make it convenient for visitors to have a good user experience. The checklist discussed below would help you create a great mobile web design.

Use Appropriate Markup Language

Choose an appropriate markup language for your mobile website in order to make its content readable for visitors. It is important to use the same language for the entire mobile website. Your best options include WML and XTML. Both of these languages have their own benefits for mobile sites. Choose the one which would fit the requirements of your primary audience. Here is a tip to help you make a good decision: using your website’s analytics, you can determine which gadgets are used by the majority of your visitors. In n this way, you can decide which would be the most appropriate markup language to use.

Scale Down Website

In order to make your website fit the small screens of mobile phones and gadgets, you need to scale down your mobile website. In addition, develop a user interface which is appropriate for touch-screen technology. In this way, visitors would be able to navigate your website easily and access the content they are looking for very quickly. There are several ways you can perform the scaling down of your site. For instance, remove any unnecessary copy which is of no use to mobile visitors. Similarly, decrease the number of navigation item to a minimum to give quick access to your visitors on-the-go. Moreover, you can scale images using Media Queries and remove any images and animations which are not necessary.

Enhance Usability

Keeping in mind the various types of mobile phones which visitors use, you have to enhance the usability of your website. Not all phones are feature-rich and, therefore, make internet browsing challenging. Therefore, your website should be simple, easy to navigate and should contain only the most necessary elements.

Add Mobile Website

Lastly, you should create a sub-domain from your site’s the primary domain. In this way, your main website and mobile website would have different URLs. Adjust your settings to automatically redirect visitors to the right domain depending on their browsing agent.

This completes your checklist for your mobile web design. Keep these important points in mind in order to create the most user-friendly website for your visitors.