Car Scratch Repair Tips - Do it yourself!

Car scratch repair tips do it yourselfThere are various techniques through which a person can repair the minor scratches on his car on his own. However, before repairing the scratches, it is important to check the nature of the scratch. It is also important to distinguish a scratch from a mark. For this purpose, use your fingernail and draw it over the surface at 90 degrees. A scratch is a hard thing that penetrates deep into paint of the body. However, a mark is something that stays above paint surface. This is very easy to fix.

You can easily remove a mark with the help of an aerosol tar or adhesive remover. For stubborn marks, you can use acetone or lacquer thinner. If the mark is still visible even after using these chemicals, you can remove it by hand rubbing or polishing compound. First of all, clean the area with water and apply rubbing compound over the affected surface. In the end, start rubbing the area in circular motion unless the mark disappears. This is by far the most common, easiest and efficient way to remove a mark.

The scratches are a bit harder in nature than these marks; however, they can also be removed using the following method:

  • Make them Prominent: You will need to make them prominent so you can have a clear idea about their length and dimensions. For this purpose, you will use shoe polish. Shoe polish will fill them up with black colour making them more prominent on the surface. Take a dry cloth to wipe out the polish, so you can clearly see the scratches on surface.
  • Block sand the panel: Take 2000-grit wet/dry sandpaper and rub it over the surface until the show polish disappears. Use as much water as you want during the process.
  • Polish out the sanding scratches: As a next step, you will now put rubbing compound on the affected surface.
  • Use rotary polisher for bringing shine back: The rubbing compound will remove the scratches from the body surface but it can’t do anything about the faded paint that really looks bad. You need to bring the original shine back so the car looks like new once again. For this purpose, you can use a rotary polisher. A rotary polisher is much stronger than an oscillating polisher. They can provide you with a better service and should be preferred for this reason.
  • Finish with light hand buffing: In the end, take a dry white cloth in your hand and gently rub the surface with it. After this final step, carefully examine the surface of the body for any remaining defects that are still present there.

Car Scratch Repair Tips - Do it yourself!

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