Best Open Source CMS for Web Development

Best open source cms for web developmentCMS is an abbreviation used for Content Management Systems. These systems enable website owners to maintain their websites in various ways without hiring a professional website developer. In other words, CMS provides templates to individuals who do not possess any knowledge or skills related to coding or website designing. An open source CMS is free to use for website owners all over the world. Such Content Management Systems have made it very easy for business owners to create their own websites without spending too much time or money.

There are several options available when it comes to selection an open source CMS for website development. All of these Content Management Systems have the following salient features in common.

  • Allows website owners to publish content, including articles, pictures or videos.
  • Through CMS, website owners can edit content in order to bring modifications or to update their website.
  • CMS allows users to carry out maintenance activities through a central page.

All of the above mentioned features must be offered by the CMS you select for your website. Today, there is a strong competition between different options. The strongest rivals include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. A large number of people have been using WordPress for a long while. It is a very popular name in the online world. However, Drupal is a better option. The following discussion explains the reasons why you should turn to Drupal instead of WordPress and Joomla as the best open Source Content Management System.

  • Drupal consists of a larger community of users. Currently, there are more than eight-hundred thousand users from two-hundred and twenty-eight different countries. This means you can have access to a larger support group. You can discuss problems, find solutions and exchange your opinions about the use of Drupal.
  • Those who use CMS need a large variety with regard to customization options. This requirement is fulfilled by Drupal. In addition, since a large number of Drupal users exist, there are many developers from all over the world who keep on adding new and improved modules. This expands the range of customization options for you.
  • All open source Content Management System are free. However, some of them, such as WordPress, charge for premium templates. However, Drupal is absolutely free. All the customizations options can be enjoyed by users without having to pay any fees.

Therefore, those who wish to create a new website should try Drupal as an open source CMS.

Best Open Source CMS for Web Development

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