An Overview of Types of Wood Used in Timber Frame Windows

An overview of types of wood used in timber frame windowsTimber-based windows add beauty to your house with a variety of styles, colors and finishing options. At the same time, timber is strong, long lasting as well as energy efficient due to its insulating properties. Therefore, timber windows are preferred over PVC and aluminum frameworks. Interested folks can choose from the following variety of wood for their window frames.

Western Red Cedar

Among other types of Cedar in Australia, Western Red Cedar is a comparatively affordable option for window frames. It possesses a pinkish red color with straight grains. This type of wood resists the process of rotting under moist outdoor conditions. Therefore, it is ideal for window frames which would remain intact during humid as well as rainy weather.

Cypress Pine

Cypress pine is the best option for window frames among other types of pines available in Australia. This type of wood is resistant to termite attack. Therefore, it promises a long life for your window frames.


Another affordable option for timber window frames is ash. It is pale brown in color with straight grains. Moreover, it can easily be styled into any type of design. Ash is also often used as white oak substitute.


A type of wood with a variety of species in Australia is eucalyptus. All of its types differ in the appearance of grains and color. Likewise, the price range also varies according to each eucalyptus species. You can choose one according to your preferences regarding appearance as well as your budget.


It is a very popular type of wood used in furniture, doors, window frames and other woodwork items. Mahogany possesses medium hardness which means joiners can work easily with it. However, since mahogany trees are not grown sustainably, this type of wood is not used commonly for furniture and other types of woodworks anymore.


One of the oldest types of furniture wood is oak. It has been used for centuries to create good quality woodworks with an attractive and classy appearance. There are two common types: white oak and red oak. The former is a better option for window frames since it is more attractive and long lasting. Moreover, moisture does not make it rot and, so, it offers durability in all sorts of weather conditions.


One of the most attractive wood choices for window frames is walnut. With dark brown shade and beautiful pattern of grains, walnut is also an expensive wood. However, if used for windows, you would have classy and extremely beautiful framework.

An Overview of Types of Wood Used in Timber Frame Windows

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